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Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Killed, Six Injured, By Israeli Bombardment To Northern Gaza

Posted by nir akhbar abdul aziz

22 July 2010,Gaza – PNN – At least one Palestinian civilian was killed six others were injured on Wednesday by Israeli bombardment targeting the town of Beit Hanon in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Local sources announced that Israeli tanks shelled resident homes close to the borders with Israel and later an Israeli jet fighter fired a missile at a group of residents killing one and injuring six others among them children.

Dr. Mo’awyiah Hassanie, from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, said that Mohamed Kafarnah, 20 years old, was killed by the shelling. He added that three of the injured sustained critical wounds.

The Israeli army stated that tanks opened fire at a group of people that approached the buffer zone near the borders.

Earlier on Wednesday six Palestinian workers went missing as a tunnel between the southern Gaza strip and Egypt collapsed. Up until the time of this report the fate of those men remains unknown.

The tunnels at the Gaza-Egypt borders became the source of much needed supplies to the 1.5 million Palestinians living in the costal enclave due to the four-year long Israeli siege.

Since 2008, according to Palestinian human right groups in Gaza, at least 141 Palestinian workers were killed due to tunnel accidents.

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velasrizal said...

InsyaAllah,,,Allah will save Gaza...

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nir akhbar abdul aziz said...

Save Gaza Save Palestine

FIFA means...
Fight Israel Free Al-Aqsa

teddyuna said...

israel kejam!!!! ni yg emo ni...grrrr..

zaza said...

setiap hari ade jer berita pasal kekejaman israel.. kita sbg saudara seagama hanya boleh mendoakan mereka.. Allah bersama2 mereka, insya allah..

fizacaldina said...

save gaza n palestine..amin..

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